6 Pairs Daniel Jacob Men's Knee High Smooth Design 100% Mercerised Cotton Socks In Gift Box - Black

Daniel Jacob

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Timeless classics socks.Made by some of the best Italian craftsmen in Italy. These elegant socks were created with you in mind. The quality gentleman. The man who cares for quality and perfection in details. Every Daniel Jacob sock is regarded another timeless master piece. We use only the best Egyptian cotton. Which then is mercerised and sometimes double mercerised Known as Filo di Scozia or FIL Decosse. This gives the silky feel and makes the sock very strong and durable.The socks can withstand many washes without the colour fading. At Daniel Jacob we believe that once you wear our socks, you will not want to wear any other sock. FILO DI SCOZIA or Fil D'Ecosse.
For those unfamiliar with the term these are top quality long staple cottons which have gone through special processes. The first is mercerization sometimes double mercerization with which we are all familiar. The second process is called "singing" (from 'to singe' - we do not croon at the cotton). Here, the cotton is quickly passed through a small gas flame to burn off the excess fibers and create a smoother surface which yields a more sensuous feel.Cotton lisle is also known as Fil D'Ecosse